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Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Additional Personal Insurance Coverage Options

Jewelry and Fine Arts - Need to make sure your jewelry and art collection is covered? Boca Insurance Group will find the proper insurance for your valuable jewelry, priceless art, collectibles and other items.

Boats and Yachts-Boca Boat Insurance is Boca Insurance Group’s boat and yacht insurance division. From that 20 foot run-a-bout to the 200 foot mega yacht, Boca Boat Insurance has the expertise and experience to make sure you are properly insured. Boat and Yacht insurance in South Florida requires a particular expertise and we have it.

Additional Toys - South Floridians have a number “toys” and Boca Insurance Group is here to make sure you have them properly insured. We are glad to help insure your Golf Carts, Motorcycles and Personal Watercraft.

Personal Umbrella - Protect you and your families net worth with personal umbrella coverage. This is an important coverage in this sue happy society! A personal umbrella covers “over” your other insurance policies and is a great way to protect your net worth.

For more information about the above coverage options please call Pat McNamara at 954-596-0691 or e-mail him at

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