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Wednesday, December 02, 2020
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Boca Boat Insurance

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South Florida has been called the Yachting Capital of the world and Boca Boat Insurance is there to help you protect your boat or yacht. At Boca Boat Insurance we know you want to enjoy your vessel without having to worry about the insurance coverage. Let us make sure you have the proper policy with the best price.

For a quick quote please call us at 954-596-0691 or e-mail me at Please have the following information available when looking for a quote:

  • - Vessel specifics- length, age, engines specs, and any other helpful items
  • - Hull ID
  • - Where will the vessel be kept?
  • - Ownership specifics- corporate or personal, address, phone number, e-mail

Below is a link to specific pages which outline some things to think about when insuring your water toys.

Boat Insurance

Defined for insurance purposes as 35 feet and under, although some center consoles will not fit in this category. Click the above link for more information to consider or call us at 954-596-0691 or e-mail us for a quote

Yacht Insurance

This page will help you navigate the world of yacht insurance. Learn more about everything from hurricane insurance requirements to crew insurance. This page is generally for yachts over 35 feet long. As always, you may call us at 954-596-0691 or e-mail us at to get a fast quote.

Personal Watercraft

This link provides information about how to cover your Jet Skis and Waverunners. Is the liability covered with your homeowner’s policy. Can I get a separate policy to cover the personal watercraft? Click on the above link to learn more. You may also call us at 954-596-0691 or e-mail us at

Commcercial Marine Insurance

Boca Insurance Group can handle all forms of insurance for marinas, yacht brokers, artisans, and all other forms of commercial insurance for the marine industry. Click on the link above for some information about specific coverage or call us today at 954-596-0691.


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